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For me, teaching is a spiritual practice and a sacred ritual. I create space designed to get people present to their brilliance. I bring sacred texts created by black feminists for their own survival and transcendence that we may bounce our light off their insights and creativity. I create a healing context where we can learn the very basic things we need to know: that we are priceless, that we need each other, that we have what we need (each other). My teaching is designed to make self-actualization and deep collaboration between oppressed visionary geniuses possible. In other words, to make love real. In other words to honor you as who you are. In other words to end slavery forever.

Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind

Black Feminism Lives - Alexis Pauline GumbsEternal Summer of the Black Feminist is a transformative educational project spreading the good news that BLACK FEMINISM LIVES. Eternal Summer is a "one room school", a clearing, a grove of love, a (r)evolving summer camp, grounded in Durham and sent on the wind via new media technology. We appropriate the forms of night school, sunday school, afterschool program, slumber parties to bring cutting edge research on Black Feminist writers to those with the greatest potential to transform their own lives and the planet through their brilliance! more info

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Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Ph.D.
From lectures, residencies and custom workshops, Alexis is available to speak on a variety of topics and has tons of experience speaking to audiences at elementary schools, college campuses, community centers, rallies, conferences and other groups. more info

Itinerant Professor & Educational Workshops

Pic Alexis passing materials in her workshopAlexis has facilitated a number of miraculous workshops in communities, on college campuses and at conferences. each workshop will result in a publication/poem/major accomplishment for participants to keep and for the sponsor to be proud of! Alexis also convenes transformative retreats for Black Feminsts from around the world. more info

School of Our Lorde

Picture of Audre Lorde School of Our Lorde is comprised of 4 units that allow participants to deeply engage and build on the work of Audre Lorde as transmitted through the committed (obsessive) research of Alexis on the poetics, teaching practices, political implications and publishing interventions of Audre Lorde's work (and to enjoy delicious local desserts together).
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Juneteenth Freedom Academy

June JordanJuneteenth Freedom Academy is a summer intensive for educators that shares rituals for transformative presence. ...This course acknowledges what has the most influence on students while they are in the classroom, the people who are there, the educators and each other and the energy we are all empowered to bring into the space.
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Lucille Clifton ShapeShifter Survival School

Picture of Lucille Clifton
Survival School is based on the premise that we need each other to survive. This series of intergenerational educational experiences based on research on the definitions and practices and survival developed by June Jordan, Audre Lorde and the members of the Combahee River Collective isdesigned for the whole family and is an experiment in the sustainability of community based Black feminist education for diverse communities.
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